Window curtains are not to shout but to speak. It is not supposed to be the center of attention but to compliment the entire room and to highlight the features of your windows. Take down your tattered, old curtains and clean your window panes. A clean window brings more light into the room and will help you decide what kind of curtains will work best for you and your space.

A curtain not only adds beauty to you space but also serves a purpose of blocking light, drafts and dirt. But it could also be used to add more light, air and ambiance to the room. The first thing you need to decide is if you want your window treatment to be store bought or made to measure. Made to measure curtains can be pricier than buying them off the shelf, but whichever one you prefer will provide you with many options. The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing the color, design, length and the fabric itself. One can always choose a cheaper curtains but investing on expensive curtain adds elegance to your space and will definitely last longer than ordinary ones.

If you decided in making your own curtains, the best advice anyone can give is to be generous with the fabric. Nothing is worst if your curtain looks short and skimpy. Always double check when cutting your fabric for there is no turning back once they are cut.

When deciding what fabric to use, always factor in how much light it will block or how much light it will allow through, the weight and the texture, and of course its durability. Decide first at home so you don’t get overwhelmed when you get to the store considering the many options they can offer. That way you will have a clearer idea at what will work best for you, but always be open to new ideas as you will learn more about the fabric once you see and feel them.

Over time the sun will damage any fabrics, it will fade and look tattered. The durability of the fabric more exposed to sun should always be considered specially when investing on the more expensive ones. Nothing is more heartbreaking when you don’t get the value of your money due to poor decisions. Silks are prone to the sun and will less likely to fade like brocades and cotton canvas. Windows less exposed to the sun should be easier to decide and play with.

Be open-minded with the design. A modern home should have modern drapes and a beach themed room should have sunnier looking curtains. The size and look of the window should also matter. A heavy weight fabric like velvet or velveteen designed in a simple floor to ceiling cut will give your window an elegant look. While a small window that is the only source of sunlight like a kitchen window should be maximized as much as possible. Consider a simple and light weight valance in light colors that will allow the sun through but is also stylish. While a drafty window might be best covered entirely.

Deciding on window treatment is a matter of personal taste. Long or short, plain or patterned should reflect the entire room. Mix and match the color of your drapes and valances to your other furniture and knick-knacks; from your couch, wall colors, the carper, your throw pillows and other items. Or let it pop by choosing contrasting colors. Add more drama to your curtains by using valances that frames your windows nicely. And change your curtains and drapes every season, this way you can let it rest for many months before using them again. Changing your curtains every year to accommodate the weather is always a good idea, and a chance for you to give you home a space a little make over.