Do you need a bedroom makeover? Not sure, eh? Want to know the secrets on how to know that you need a new look for your bedroom? All you have to do is ask yourself the following question:
– Is your room enticing for sleep?
– Is it relaxing or irritating?
– Do you look forward to sleeping in your bed after long day’s work?
If your answer to the questions above is a raised eyebrow and a cringe, you most likely need a bedroom makeover. You don’t have to be a designer to redo your own space. What you need is your imagination and the willingness to give something new a try. Just always remember that your bedroom is your personal space, it should be clean, not overstuffed and that you will actually be able to sleep and relax without much distraction.
Start by evaluating your current room. Look through every inch and decide which items will stay and which ones have to be tossed out. Also decide if you want to keep your current furniture or give them away. Or you might opt to cleaning and up cycling your furniture with a fresh coat of paint. Always remember that less is more and that it might be time to give away your figurine collection or move them somewhere else like the living room. Decide if your space needs new paint or wall papers. Write a list of things that needs changing like lighting fixtures, new bedding and window treatment, wall décors and other items like bedside tables and lampshades. Also decide if the items you want to keep are actually worth keeping.
Select your color scheme. Your white and pale blue combination can be boring. When deciding on a color, always ask your significant other what he wants and find a color that works for both of you. Colors have a psychological effect so choose wisely; lavender and pink are calming colors but maybe too girly for your man. Blue is a productive color while green is healthy and peaceful. Go for natural color like green and brown; the hottest color combination in the market right now. Light green walls and dark brown furniture is a relaxing tone. But of course, it can always be bold like red, yellow or lavender. The best color you can find that calms you the most is best color you can choose.
Do your bed. Maybe moving your bed across the other wall will be refreshing for you and your man. It will give a different angle and a new view. Invest in durable new bedding that match your walls. Remember that you spend a third of your life sleeping so make sure that the bedding you choose is worth keeping. A new headboard will make your bed look better and will add drama to your space.
Revamp your furniture and only buy new ones when absolutely necessary. Rearrange your furniture in a way that it will actually give more space rather than make your room look smaller. And take note the traffic that a certain part of your room have; you might want to clear the space between your closet and your drawers as that space gets more foot traffic every day.
Put on your finishing touches. Clean the items that you might want to use again like your chandelier, vases, frames, lamp shades and nick-knacks before putting them back. Decide on your window treatment, if you want less light then thick velvet curtains might be a good buy or a thin one if you want more air and light through.
It’s OK if the items you have chosen don’t work well together, contrasting colors can give your room a modern chick look. You don’t have to be a designer to make artistic decisions, just find your inspiration and work from there. Add romance to your space by adding candles, they always give off a romantic ambiance.
When you are satisfied with your room, keep in mind that beautifying your space is just the first step; the rest is keeping it clean and organized always. Give your room a quick 30 minutes every other day to keep your dirty and disarrayed items to a minimum.
And always remember that a clean bed can make your room look cleaner so do your bed every day.