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Liliana’s Custom Creation


Remembering when she was growing up in Cuba, Liliana didn’t see many curtains, nor styled valances, or any other fancy window treatments.

Arriving to the US,  she would gaze at the swags and scallop designs, a type of window covering, and her expression would be wow, how beautiful!”

Pure curiosity captivated her attention to the details, and she wanted to learn how it could be done.

This is how Liliana Rivero’s story began: Starting at a company called Associated Interior Design, which is located locally in West Palm Beach, Florida.

There she worked as a seamstress making custom curtains for approximately 5-7 years, not sure on the timeline. Upon arriving to Florida, she worked in various companies where her passion was born for the custom design trade, specifically custom valances and other window treatments. She would meticulously watch others fabricate such beauty and would ask herself, how is that made? She would peruse through magazines looking for how-to articles, tips and ideas. This was her way of learning the trade.

Liliana has acquired over 20 years of experience in custom sewing, including those her native country, which facilitated her learning abilities. Here, she got her start by making slipcovers and cushions, then upholstery. Later she moved on to curtains and valances, where her passion was awakened.  

She brought her thirst for knowledge, style, and creativity to work at Associated Interior Design, until the day came that changed everything. Laura, who was Liliana’s previous employer and owner of the company, had sadly closed her doors.

Opportunity + Preparedness = Luck? Or Destiny?

Laura later visited Liliana’s home and approached her with a new business venture. She stated how she liked her work and offered her an opportunity to work from home, if she dare to do so.

Of course! She jumped at the opportunity to make a career for herself doing something that she’s passionate about and can really express her creativity.

“I don’t know exactly or remember how I ended up having sewing machines and tables in my home, but it made it much easier to say yes. I actually had a room in my house already set-up. When Laura discovered that I had this room with all the necessary equipment she offered to bring all the materials (literally) to get started in the new venture.”

There she began working in the late afternoons when she came home from her day job. That went on for a while until she realized that it was getting to be too much work: full time and work at home. A decision had to be made and she took the plunge!

“I remember thinking to myself that, if I was going to succeed in my new phase of life, I would have to go all in! I, then, made an exciting but scary decision: to quit my day job and focus on my business full force. I approached my boss and I made him aware of my choice to quit, and as expected he practically begged me to stay by offering me incentives. I had to decline his offer by letting him know how passionate I felt about this move. I also wanted to prove to myself the personal challenge I felt inside.”

I proceeded to work out of my house roughly about 6 months, with the assistance of my cousin, whom I employed fulltime. My one client was “Interior Designs by Laura.” Laura, who got me started on this path, provided the work orders and in return, I passionately fulfilled them.

And still do…

Lilliana, born native of a small town in Cuba called Isabela on June 20th, the year will remain a secret, graduated from the University with a major in Accounting. Upon arriving to the USA she dedicated her career in custom sewing and design.

“I opened the doors to my successful business “Liliana’s Custom Creation” with keys in hand on July 1st and have not looked back since. I’m very happy with my choice in life and would gladly do it again.”

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